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IT Support is a thriving industry in New Jersey. According to a recent study by the Small Business Administration, IT Support represents one of the fastest growing sub industries for the state. “Since 2002 we’ve provided cutting edge, reliable online business technologies solutions to small and mid sized companies in the Tri-State region. Our services include technical support, computer repair and advising so as to provide enterprise level IT services to the small and mid sized business industries in New Jersey at affordable prices,” says Steve Manko, Executive Vice-President of IT Service Company of New Jersey. The company offers fast turn around, quality, affordable IT consulting and Internet connectivity to businesses throughout the tri-state area. It is dedicated to providing the most reliable, high quality and cost effective IT services possible.

IT Support

IT support services in New Jersey range from providing basic computer assistance, like troubleshooting and setup, to more complex needs, like network security, managed servers, email, virtualization, software design and deployment. There are many companies in New Jersey that offer many IT support services, such as: domain names, hosting, managed servers, computer repair, consulting, installation, security, software design and much more. There is also a trend to outsource some of these IT support services. IT outsourcing companies in New Jersey offer customized computer services, at very reasonable prices. Outsourcing IT support makes it possible for smaller companies to use an experienced computer expert, located in another part of the world, to handle all aspects of their network and server maintenance. Computer service companies in New Jersey can provide email, data recovery and system management, along with a full range of hardware and software support services, including: server setup, application support, database recovery, network security, application testing, and much more.

New Jersey has many companies that offer managed servers and a variety of other IT support services. One of the most popular computer support companies in New Jersey, for both on-site technicians and remote customer support, is Iron Mountain. At Iron Mountain, onsite technicians assist customers throughout their network installation or repair, depending on the level of problem. Remote customer support allows customers to speak with an expert representative, via phone or email, about any technical issue affecting their network. An Iron Mountain technician can solve common issues like: connection problems, firewall issues, installation problems, data recovery, hardware failure, email issues, network security, or system integration.

Another top IT support company in the New Jersey area is Quest Small Computer Consulting (QCC). Customers that call Quest will be referred to a local certified technicians. The technicians are affiliated with several major computer support organizations. Customers can choose from a nationwide network support organization, nationwide remote support services, or a local network support. They can contact a QCC consultant over the phone, or they can contact a local certified technicians in New Jersey by email, phone, or in person.

The Computer Help Professionals Association (CHPA) is a nonprofit organization that provides IT professionals with information about national and local professional organizations that provide computer support. The National Computer Help Desk (NCHTD) provides free technical advice and service to small, medium, and large companies in New Jersey and New York City. CHPA also offers membership to its computer support technicians who have passed the state’s continuing education requirements.

Computer Help Professionals of America (C HDD) is another important IT support organization. The Computer Help Professionals Association is a non-profit professional organization that represents network specialists. Certified technicians help NJ clients solve computer needs. The association offers courses, tools, and brochures for networking basics.

In New Jersey, CompuServe is an extremely professional provider of computer support. CompuServe specializes in technical support and Internet solutions that are accessible 24 hours per day. CompuServe members have immediate access to a network of experts, so they can receive assistance immediately when they need it. CompuServe also allows associates to learn at their own pace, and they have the option to be trained by professionals in their field.

The New Jersey Department of Labor (DoL) website offers a number of helpful resources. One useful tool offered on the DoL site is a tool to help businesses in New Jersey determine their compliance requirements for payroll services. The New Jersey Department of Labor is dedicated to providing affordable payroll services that meet the needs of today’s employers. They are an extremely professional group that can assist business owners with various questions regarding payroll laws and compliance requirements. Business owners can contact the New Jersey Department of Labor for help with payroll compliance and data backup programs.